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  1. How can I schedule a pickup for my package?

    • This is simple, visit HERE.

  2. What are the available delivery options, and how long does each take?

    • We off Door2Door pick-up and delivery options with three different speeds. Same Day, Next Day & 2-3 Days.

  3. What is the cost of shipping with your courier service?

    • View our price list HERE or you can process a instant quote HERE.

  4. Do you offer international shipping services?

    • Not at this time

  5. How can I track the status of my shipment?

  6. What types of items are prohibited from shipping with your service?

  7. Do you provide packaging materials, or should I have my own?

    • At a fee, we do offer certain packaging items. 

  8. Can I change the delivery address or schedule after I've placed an order?

    • This depends on the place that your request is in the cycle. Contact us.

  9. Is there an option for package insurance, and how does it work?

  10. What are your customer service hours, and how can I contact you?

    • By visiting our Contact Us page

  11. Do you offer bulk shipping or business solutions?

    • Contact Us

  12. What happens if my package is delivered late or misses its delivery window?

    • We are always in contact with our customers to provide updates and offer solutions

  13. Can I request a specific time for delivery, such as mornings or afternoons?

    • We accept all requests and aim to honor them as reasonably possibly based on the days operations

  14. How do you handle fragile or sensitive items during transit?

  15. What steps should I take if my package is damaged or missing upon delivery?

    • Contact Us

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