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Terms & Conditions

Last Updated: August 26, 2023

Welcome to diliva! Couriers ("diliva!," "we," "us," or "our"). By using our package courier services ("Services"), you agree to comply with and be bound by the following Terms of Use ("Terms").


Please carefully read these Terms before using our Services. If you disagree with these Terms, please refrain from using our Services.

Acceptance of Terms

Upon utilizing diliva! Couriers' Services, you acknowledge your understanding of, and agreement to, these Terms, along with our Privacy Policy. If you are using our Services on behalf of an entity or business, you validate your capacity to legally bind that entity or business to these Terms.

Use of Services

a. Eligibility: To access our Services, you must be at least 18 years old. By using our Services, you affirm and guarantee that you fulfill this age requirement.

b. User Account: Certain features of our Services may necessitate the creation of a user account. It is your responsibility to safeguard your account credentials and accept accountability for all actions conducted through your account.

c. Prohibited Activities: You undertake not to exploit our Services for any illicit, fraudulent, or malicious intentions. Furthermore, you pledge not to disrupt or obstruct the normal functioning of our Services or the associated networks.

Booking and Delivery

a. Booking: While booking a courier service, you assure that you shall furnish accurate and thorough details about the sender, recipient, and the package. You are responsible for ensuring proper packaging and labeling of the package for secure transportation.

b. Delivery: We will make reasonable efforts to effectuate package deliveries as per the chosen service level. Nonetheless, please be aware that delivery times are approximate and may vary due to uncontrollable factors.

c. Refusal of Service: We retain the prerogative to decline service for various reasons, including but not restricted to prohibited items, substandard packaging, or zones with restricted delivery access.

Fees and Payment

a. Fees: By utilizing our courier service, you agree to honor the associated fees linked to the chosen service. The fees may fluctuate depending on parameters such as package weight, dimensions, destination, and the preferred delivery speed.

b. Payment: Payment is obligatory before package dispatch. We accept a variety of payment methods, which will be elucidated on our platform.

Your Obligations

a. You validate that each item encompassed within the shipment is accurately described on the Receipt/Airway Bill and other accepted documents. Furthermore, you affirm that each item is suitably marked, addressed, and packaged to ensure safe transport with reasonable care during handling.

b. You acknowledge the responsibility to settle all shipment charges and destination duties and taxes in cases where the receiver or a third party defaults on payment.

c. You accept accountability for all shipment charges, encompassing but not confined to inaccurate cargo declarations, inadequate packaging, improper securing, marking, or addressing, and the actions or oversights of the recipient or other pertinent parties.

Responsibility for Payment

Irrespective of any alternate payment methods or instructions you may provide, you acknowledge your primary obligation for reasonable charges, potential surcharges, customs and duties assessments, government penalties and fines, taxes, and any Attorneys' Fees and legal expenses related to this shipment. Furthermore, you are accountable for reasonable costs incurred during shipment or storage pending final dispatch.

Delayed Shipments

Local Shipments: Though we will endeavor to uphold regular delivery schedules, we absolve ourselves from liability for delays arising from circumstances such as acts of God, war, criminal activities, labor strikes, or unforeseeable traffic conditions.

International Shipments:  Through strategic partnerships with international shipping companies, we have minimal control over delays that may be due to their systems and operations. But be assured that we will try our endeavor best to ensure that your package gets to its destination as promised. 

No Warranties

We offer no warranties.

Limitation of Liability

Our maximum liability for loss, damage, or delay associated with your shipment shall not exceed the value of the shipment or your liability to the Owner, whichever is less. In all cases, our liability is confined to J$3500.00 per shipment or J$650.00 per kilogram, whichever is higher.

Declared Value & Limits

For each shipment, you must declare a value. The highest acceptable declared value is J$3500.00 or J$650.00 per kilogram, whichever is higher. Should you wish for diliva! Couriers to accept liability beyond these limits, a separate contract with supplementary charges is required.

Items Unacceptable for Shipment

We wish to inform you that certain items are not eligible for shipment through our services. These include:

(a) Currency, cash, or items that can be easily converted into money (including, but not limited to, coins or negotiable instruments equivalent to cash such as endorsed stocks and bonds) as well as jewelry.

(b) Shipments of items that were accepted by mistake.

(c) Items restricted by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) or the International Civil Organization (IAC).

(d) Items that, at our discretion, cannot be transported legally or safely.

By utilizing our services, you confirm that your shipment does not fall under any of the above limitations.

We retain the right to decline packages based on these limitations or due to concerns related to safety or security.

Liabilities Not Assumed

a. With exceptions as stipulated in the 2 clauses preceding this clause, neither diliva! Couriers nor its agents shall be held accountable for any losses or damages surpassing the amount mentioned in said Clause. This includes but is not restricted to income or profit loss.

b. We disavow liability for losses or damages to money, prohibited items, or violations of our terms.

c. We relinquish liability for your actions or oversights, inaccurate cargo declarations, improper packaging, recipient conduct, or non-compliance with our agreement.

d. We disown liability for circumstances beyond our control.

Local Delivery Routes

We retain the discretion to choose the route for shipment transportation.


You commit to indemnify diliva! Couriers against claims, expenses, and demands surpassing our legal liability under these terms.

Claims for Loss, Damage, or Delay

a. Claims must be lodged within three 1 week of delivery or the scheduled delivery date.

b. Claims must be documented within 14 days of notification, and outstanding transportation charges must be settled before claim processing.

c. Claims for damages necessitate an inspection of contents, original packaging, and cartons.

Inspection of packages/shipment

We hold the right to open or inspect your shipment at our discretion or upon the request of authorities.

Port / Customs Clearance

By entrusting a shipment to us, you empower us to act as the consignee for customs clearance. Fulfilling proper documentation requirements is your responsibility.

Letter of Instruction

In cases where documentation is incomplete, you authorize us to complete, correct, or substitute documents on your behalf, subject to your expense.

Unclaimed Shipments

We retain the authority to dispose of unclaimed shipments after a period of three (2) months.

Should any provision within this Agreement contravene applicable law, that provision shall remain in effect to the extent not overridden. The invalidity of any provision shall not impact the remainder of the Agreement.

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